Kevin Verpaele

Kevin Verpaele was born in Illinois, but he mostly grew up in Merritt Island, Florida and he graduated from Merritt Island High School in 1999. After high school, Kevin attended the University of South Florida on a football scholarship and became a starting safety for their varsity football team. He obviously has a desire for a family early on, because, while Kevin Verpaele was earning a degree and playing college football, he was also married and raising a child.

One sure sign that family was extremely important to Kevin Verpaele was his willingness to leave football practice early to pick up his daughter from day care before it closed, and then returning to practice to finish up. The whole time he would wear his complete uniform. He also made sure everything was okay with his coach. Despite what many would call a distraction, he was a starting strong safety, he was even named captain of the football team in his senior year, a huge honor.